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Left side back pain

Left Side Back Pain

Several known causes of left side back pain

The majority of people customarily aged 40 years and above experience left side back pain. However, this type of pain in the back is not restricted to only adults but maybe a problem for individuals of all ages, cultures, and nationalities. The one thing which is interesting about pain in the lower back of the left side is that it is more common than depression in the lower back right. The intensity of back pain may vary significantly enough. The power depends on the cause of the pain and also the exact location of it. If the pain is on the left side but more near to the buttock it can cause a severe ache in the joint, that joins the spine and the hip.

Causes of left side back pain

There are many known reasons for the left side back pain. However, some are more common than the others. Some causes are natural while others are accidental. Nevertheless, all objects end up in severe back pain on the left part of the body.

Back Pain Due To Pregnancy

There are many cases in which pain in the left lower back becomes impossible to avoid. Pregnancy is one such situation. Pain in the left lower backside during pregnancy is very common. For many women, this pain begins in the early weeks of pregnancy and lasts until the day they deliver their child. In some cases, it does not even end then, and many women complain of back pain post-baby as well. The main reason behind this pain during pregnancy is the weight that the growing belly puts on to the back. This pressure burdens the back muscles, and the result is a persistent back pain.

Back Pain Due To Aging

As it is known aging does many things to a person and pain in various parts of the body is one of those things. One of the most common reasons why aging can result in pain in the left lower back of a person is that aging weakens the bones and muscles. People above and beyond the age of 40 tend to start losing calcium from their bones. The result is body aches and bone weakness related problems.

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