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eye lid inflammation
eye lid inflammation

Eye Styes Pimple Eyelid

Styes Pimple Eyelid

This article covers the discussion related to eye styes pimple eyelid and tells about their types, symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Have you ever spied a sty on your eye? The one which grows like a bump on your eyelid right where the lashes meet the lid? Which is quite painful to touch and lasts for about a week or so? This kind of a pimple on the eyelid is called a sty (also spelled as stye) and is an inflammation of the oil gland at the eyelid. This gland gets blocked and results in a lump on the eyelid which is tender to touch. Mostly, these styes go away on their own and are more common in adults than in children.

Types of a pimple on eyelid

Stating it in easy words, there are two types of the stye. One is a more painful one, and the other one is just a painless growth on eyelid rim. One is called hordeolum while the other one is a chalazion. Both of these are localized swelling of the eyelids, initially painful ones, but later the chalazion turns into a tender lump. Neither of these causes an impairment of the eyesight or vision. The only blockage in the image may be caused by the big size of the bump or the eye stye. A chalazion is different from a hordeolum in many ways, one of which is that it often develops farther from the edge of the eyelid, whereas, a hordeolum (this is the type that is mostly referred to as the standard ‘sty’ or ‘stye’) grows only at the edge of the eyelid.

Symptoms and treatment of eye stye

Often starting off with the swelling of the entire eyelid, this growth on eyelid rim gets localized towards a specific area where it develops into a painful pimple-like projection. The infection is sometimes so much that this pimple on the eyelid is accompanied by fever and chills. Other symptoms include foreign body sensation especially while blinking; there is pressure on the eyelid and naturally an increasing pain in the area of the bump. It is said that the bacteria causing this kind of an infectious pimple on eyelid is present in everyone’s nose, but even then the people having these common eyelid growths must keep their hands clean after they come into contact with their affected eyes so that the apparent transfer of this bacterium (a staphylococcus) can be avoided. To treat the painful kind of the stye or the hordeolum, there are other ways than just to wait for it to go away on its own. You can apply hot compressors on the lump, a more natural way of which is rubbing your clean index finger on the clean palm of the other hand and then putting this warm finger over the eye stye, giving it some warmth and relief several times a day. It is strictly forbidden to pop the stye on your own. The application of hot compressors will automatically let the affected skin break open, and all the secretion from the glands inside the eyelid that was causing the plugging of the organ will ooze out, and the stye on your eye will be gone without even leaving a mark on your skin.


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